Comments on Post-Modern Europe II

by Will Nesbit

I don't like the European map for many reasons. It's very similar to a modern map, so therefore one would imagine that it's not so far removed from the present day. Comments starting from the top and moving down:

Russia is a 5 centre power, and I really hate the idea of giving a power that many home centres at start. I actually like the the way Russia's 2 extra centres are dangling between Turkey, Iran and Ukraine, but I don't think these two southern centre should be build centre. Perhaps start centres but not build centres. I know this is nitpicking but I think BIE should be BYE for Byelorussia.

The UK starts with 4 centres. In general I think this map should be simplified with less players, less dots and less provinces. I'm inclined to believe that the UK should be a three centre power. Northern Ireland is an interesting dot, so I'd only leave only two on Britain. On the other hand, if we are going to remain any where near the present day, I think Great Britain has proven over the last few years that she is the closest thing to a military equal that the United States knows.

Germany is a 4 centre power, and again, I'll not repeat again my belief that there are too many dots and too many provinces on this map. I don't quite agree with Switzerland being in play.

France is in a very hard spot. Monaco is a game designer's gift, but France is still crammed into a hole surrounded by stronger positions. Which means France must play the role of A/H. How can a Frenchman be haughty when he is grovelling for mercy, hatching schemes and sowing the seeds of discontent?

I really like the dynamics between Poland, the Ukraine and Russia. Poland is poised to be a powerhouse, but Russia and Ukraine have enticements to be allies, as well as enticements to back stab. Of course the idea that the Ukraine is a four centre power is silly. I also like the idea of the Balkans being a big mess. The southern half of the map is where I see the most problems. Turkey's biggest rival in the Balkans now and for centuries past has been Greece. I'd sooner see Greece a power than Spain.

Afghanistan should probably be impassable. I can understand that perhaps Iraq is not a power, has Saddam's war machine was flattened not long after Afghanistan fell. But I can't for the life of me understand why Israel isn't a power? If you don't want an aggressive Israeli player invading Saudi Arabia, at the very least call Israel neutral and impassable!

Algeria is a game designer's invention to balance out Spain and Nigeria. Eliminate Spain as a power you will make France ... well ... French and you won't have a need for Algeria. Algeria lacks the resources and infrastructure to be a power. Libya is perhaps more likely. I like Nigeria as a possible power but a more likely rival might come from Sub-Saharan Africa. Perhaps from a new state that does not yet exist.

As for units ... in a post modern world, I would suggest three types of units. Land, Air and Sea, but that's for another discussion.

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