Age of Pericles (ag08)

by Michael Golbe

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Standard Diplomacy rules apply except that there are 39 SCs on the map - 20 are needed for a solo victory.








Starting Positions map

Map oddities:

Several sea zones have letters in them. Zones with letters in common are accessible from/to each other.
For instance, a fleet may move (support, etc.) from Argulicus Sinus to Rhodius Sinus, or from Mare Adiaticum to Ithaca Sinus.
Three provinces have dual coasts like Spain or Bulgaria in standard: Megara, Epidaurus, and Iria.
Corinth does NOT have dual coasts. It is treated like Kiel in standard. A fleet may move from Sinus Corinthiucus to Corinth to Saronieus Sinus. (Historically, fleets were hauled overland over a purpose-built road!)
Maromora Sinus runs from Byzantium to Lesbos. Italus Sinus runs all the way to Cumae. These facts may not be apparent or obvious on the map.
"MEG." is short for Megalopolis, "ORCH." is short for Orchomenus, and "CYN." is short for Cynuria.

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