Americana Latina 1821

by Philippe Janssens 

1.  The rules of Diplomacy apply except for the modifications below. 

2.  The map shows South America as it was in 1821.  Bolivar has just created Greater Columbia; Chile has been independent for 3 years and Argentina for 10 years; the Loyalists still hold High-Peru and a part of the Viceroyalty of the Plate, future Bolivia; they are taken in charge of by Bolivia in the north and San Martin in the south; whereas Brazil is just about to become the Brazilian Empire under Pedro I. 

3.  Starting Positions 

Bolivar, President of Greater Columbia.  F(Caracas), A(Bogota), A(Selva). 

San Martin, Argentinian General.  A(Mendoza), A(Cordoba), A(Buenos Aires), F(Rio de la Plata) [see rule 7] 

Pezuela, Viceroy of Peru.  F(Lima), A(Cusco), A(La Plata). 

Jean VI, King of Portugal (exiled in Brazil).  F(Belem), F(Bahia), A(Santos). 

O’Higgins, Chilean General.  F(Santiago), F(Antofagasta), A(Puerto Montt). 

A. Cochrane, Commander of the British forces in Latin America.  F(British Guyana), F(Falkland Isles), F(South Georgia), A(British Honduras), A(Jamaica). 

4.  Victory Conditions 

The winner is either:

(A)  The Bolivarian Objective: The player who can “control” Greater Columbia, the Viceroyalties of Peru, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Paraguay.  In order to achieve this “control” the player must possess the original 3 home centres of each of these powers as well as Paraguay, a total of 16 supply centres; or

(B)  20 supply centres of any kind. 

5.  Activable Home Centres 

Four powers possess an activable supply centre which when occupied, become home supply centres.  These are Panama (Columbia), Potosi (Peru), Porto Alegre (Brazil) and Ile Chiloe (Chile). 

6.  When a player controls the 3 original home supply centres of a country required for victory under the Bolivarian objective, or Paraguay, he can build in those centres as if they were his home centres. 

7.  Buenos Aires 

The player who owns Buenos Aires (Argentina initially) has at the same time a fleet which can only be built at Rio de la Plata.  If a player loses control of Buenos Aires he automatically loses the fleet no matter where it is. 

8.  Rivers

Fleets may navigate land provinces by using a river.  A fleet can control a land province of which one of the borders is a river (e.g. Paraguay, Selva and New Grenada).  Thus, for example, Bolivia could build a fleet at Selva.  Note that F(Ria)-Sel is illegal, whereas F(Ria)-Rim; F(Rim)-Sel is legal. 

9.  Coasts 

The following provinces have two coasts: Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Bogota, Chubut and Patagonia Septentr. The Panama Canal will not be built for another 67 years! 

10.  Mountains 

Certain areas of the Andes chain are impassable in the Autumn season.  These areas consist of the mountains which separate Lima and Titicana from Cusco and Potosi, and those separating Autofagasta and Santiago from Tucuman and Mendoza. 

11.  Abbreviations 

© = Supply Centre. Home centres are underlined.  Activable centres are dotted underlined. 

Acre - Acre ; Antogfgasta - Ant ©; Bahia - Bah ©; Belem - Bel ©; Bio-bio - Bio; Bogota - Bog ©; Buenos Aires - Bue ©; Cape Horn - CAP; Caracas - Car ©; Chubut - Chu; Cordoba - Cor ©; Costa Rica - Cos; Anchov Coast - CAN; E. Brazil Coast - CEB; Cuba - Cub ©; Cusco - Cus ©; Folida Straits - DFL; Magellan Straits - DMA; El Norte - Eln; Falklands - Fal ©; Fosse du Chile - FCH; South Georgia - Geo ©; Guayaquil Gulf - GGU; Mexiacn Gulf - GMX; Mosquito Gulf - GMO; Panama Gulf - GPA; San Jorge Gulf - GSJ; Guatamala - Gua ©; British Guyana - Gub ©; French Guyana - Guf ©; Dutuch Guyana - Guh ©; Haiti - Hai ©; Honduras - Hon ©; Brtish Honduras - Hob ©; Chiloe Islands - Ich ©; Fernandoes Is. - Ife ©; Galapagos Is. - Iga ©; Jamaica - Jam ©; La Plata - Lpl ©; Las Pampas - Las; Lima - Lim ©; Mendoza - Men ©; Carribean Sea - MCA; Patagonian Sea - MPA; Sm. Antil. Sea - PAN; Scotia Sea - MSC; Mexico - Mex; Nicaragua - Nic ©; New Grenada - Ngr; N. Atlantic O. - ATN; S. Atlantic O. - ATS; N. Pacific O. - OPN; S. Pacific O. - OPS; Orinoco - Ore; Panama - Pan; Paraguay - Pry ©; Parana - Par; Patagonia Sept. - Pas ©; Patagonia Mid. - Pam ©; Porto Alegre - Pto ©; Potosi - Pot ©; Puerto Montt - Pue ©; Quito - Qui; Recife - Rec; Rio Amazonas - Ria ©; Rio de Janeiro - Rij; Rio Madeiras - Rim ©; Rio de la Plata - RIP; Santiago - Stg ©; Santos - San ©; Selva - Sel ©; Terra del Fuego - Tdf; Titicana - Tit; Tucuman - Tuc; Uruguay - Uru; 

Note:  Some of these abbreviations look a little odd because the map was designed for use with the original French rules.

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