Anarchy I (rh01)

by Don Miller

The Board - as in regular Diplomacy, except that there are no nations as such at the start of the game.

The Rules

1. Except as noted below, Regular Diplomacy rules apply.

2. Each player begins with one supply center. There will be a WINTER 1900 season, during which each player may build an army or fleet in his center, as he desires, except that an army must be built in a center with no coast line for the province in which it is starting the game.

3. Until a player owns five supply centers, he may build in any center of which he has established possession(i.e., by being there at the completion of a Fall turn. On the Winter following the Fall turn on which a player establishes possession of the center which brings the number of centers under his control to five, he must choose (and convey to the Gamesmaster, in writing for publication) three of his centers as "home" supply bases‑‑ i.e., he must choose the three centers from those which he owns which will constitute his "country" for the rest of the game. From this point on, these three home centers are the only ones in which the player may build.

4. To achieve victory, a player must have 18 of more units on board at the completion of a Winter turn.

5. In rule #3 above, change "Fall move" to "Autumn retreat ,if any, (otherwise, Fall move)". wherever it appears.

Note that no player may occupy a center in which another unit rests without sup­port; as, at the start of the game, no player has more than one unit, alliances will be all important‑‑ no player can survive very long by himself, much less grow in size. Diplomacy is the tool for survival in the Game of Anarchy.

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