Anonymity I/II (rb02)

By Don Miller

The Players:  The seven players in this game (usual seven Diplomacy countries) are unknown to all but the Gamesmaster; their names will not be published until the game has been completed.

The Board:  Standard 7-nation, regular Diplomacy board.

The Rules:

1. Except as noted below, regular Diplomacy rules and DIPSOMANIA "house-rules" will apply.

2. Players will be known throughout the game only to the Games master, and not to each other.  They will conduct all their diplomacy through their propaganda.  In other words, there should be no direct player-to-player diplomacy; each player will be more-or-less on his own, and will have to attempt to form alliances through his propaganda, and hope the player whom he is trying to contact will heed his entreaties, etc.

3. There will be a summer season in each game year to allow for post spring move and pre fall move propaganda; retreats after spring moves should therefore be mailed with Summer propaganda, rather than sent conditionally with spring move orders.

4.  Players should, however, send in conditional Autumn retreat orders for publication with the fall move orders.  There will be ample time during Winter season to send in propaganda before the Spring moves are due.

5.  To achieve victory, a player must have 18 units on the board at the completion of a winter season; it is not enough to merely own 18 supply centers, or to merely have a majority of the units actually on the board.

6.  Anonymity II:  Plays the same as Anonymity I, except that black press is not allowed.

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