British Isles Regional Diplomacy ("BIRD") (pe30)

by Andy Tomlinson

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1. All the usual Diplomacy rules apply.

2. The setup is as follows:

Eire:         F Cor, A Lim, A Wat
Ulster:       F Bel, A Arm, A Don
Highlands:  F Wic, A Inv, F FtW
Lowlands:  F Edi, A Sti, A Gla
Yorkshire:  F Yor, A Lee, A Shf
Wales:      F Swa, A Crd, A Crn
Southeast: F Nrw, A Lon, F Sou.

3. Optional Rule: There may be an initial period of diplomacy preceding the Winter 1900 setup phase, in which players choose their own setups.

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