Blob Diplomacy (rr12)

Designed by Dave Barlow

At the end of the Spring 1901 moves, one province is randomly chosen; the name of this province is changed of "Blob".

At the end of each Spring and Fall move, one of the provinces adjacent to the Blob is randomly chosen; this province merges with the Blob to form a single province.  The Blob may be a multiple supply-center province; for instance, if, in the course of the game, the Blob were to incorporate three supply center provinces, the Blob province would contain three supply centers and thus would be capable of supplying three units.

If there is a unit in the province that is merged with the Blob when the Blob grows, it is considered to occupy Blob province, unless there were already a unit in Blob province, in which case the unit is the merged province is eliminated.

The Blob is considered to be a "home province" to any player who has ever has a home supply center province merged into the Blob.

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