Cryptodiplomacy I (rb18)

by John McCallum

The Board

The regular Diplomacy board is used with no alterations.

The Rules

All regular rules of Diplomacy are used, with the following additions.

1. When the game and country list is announced, players will be required to submit to the gamesmaster a code or cypher which will thereafter be used for the transmission and reporting of his orders. The code will remain confidential to the player and the gamesmaster, although the player may wish, at his own discretion, to reveal his code to other players in the game.

2. The game report will be printed in the codes used by the players. Any information from gamesmaster to individual players will also use this code. Therefore, players should submit codes to cover retreat, build, and removal instructions as well as normal orders.

3. Press Releases may also be written in code, if desired, or they may be written "in clear", or they may be a combination of the two.

4. Codes used must be capable of reproduction on a typewriter keyboard. As a guide, here are the symbols you may use in ALBION/COURIER games:

*"/@_&'()? QWERTYUIOP +ASDFGHJKL: ZXCVBNM,.%1234567890- qwertyuiop =asdfghjkl; zxcvbnm,.

5. Players may, if they wish, consult the gamesmaster concerning the acceptability (or otherwise) of a code before the game starts.

6. The codes to be used by the players (and there may be different codes for game orders and for press releases) must be consistent throughout; players may NOT use a different codes each game year, or each game season, or any other similar alteration. Players may add to their code as the game processes, and as the need arises, but may never alter the code in any way.

7. Should the gamesmaster receive orders, at any stage of the game, which are incapable of transcription into "real" Diplomacy orders using the code supplied, the player's units will stand in place for that season; however their location will not be revealed to the other players - the code will be used to ensure this.

8. Should a player drop out of a game, his units will be subjected to the usual "anarchy" rules, and their location will be revealed to the other players. A player is considered to have dropped out if he fails to submit orders for two consecutive seasons. Units in anarchy never retreat - if dislodged they are eliminated.

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