Dudness (rr11)

Designed by Scott Rosenberg and Greg Costikyan

After the Spring 1901 move, one province is randomly chosen to be "dudded"; thereafter, one of the provinces adjacent to the dudded province(s) will be dudded (which adjacent province is determined randomly) at the end of each Spring or Fall move.  In other words, the Dudness spreads from an initial single province.

Any unit in a province when it is dudded, or that moves into a dudded province, is randomly transported to a vacant province somewhere on the game-map.  (Hmm, that's an SPI-ism -- I mean board, of course.)  Note that units are eligible to be transported only to vacant provinces.  Transportation, like dudness-spreading, occurs after the moves are adjudicated: thus, a unit ordered to move into a dudded province in a Spring move would be considered transported after the Spring adjudications but before the Fall moves.

Dudded supply center provinces remain supply center provinces, and the player who owned the supply center when the province was dudded retails ownership of the province.  If a unit moves into a dudded province in a Fall move, it is considered to capture any supply center in that province before it is transported. 

Units may stand each other out of dudded provinces.

A fleet randomly transported to a vacant inland province is destroyed; an army transported to a vacant sea hex is destroyed.

Beginning with the Spring 1904 moves, one previously dudded province is chosen to be undudded at the end of every Spring and Fall move.  This province ceases to be a dudness province and returns to normal status.

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