Invasions III (ar15)

by Cristiano Corte Restitutti

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Invasions 3 has 11 powers, 65 centers.

Starting positions: (these are not home centers)

A Viborg F Ribe

A Gwynedd F Dumnonia

A Magdeburg A Wurzburg

A Mainz A Worms

A Black Huns A White Huns A The Horde

A Kherson A Kyyiv

A Lothian F Orkney

A Bremen F Utrecht

A Armagh F Tara

A Gnezen A Passau

A Granz A Wlodzimierz


There are also 7 standing neutral units - the Romans:

Argentoratum, Augusta Vindelicorum, Caesaraugusta, Colonia Agrippina, Roma, Adrianopla, Constantionopla

Home Centers

There are no Home Centers. Powers can build in any owned Supply Center.

The BSC/HSC rules for Invasions 2 can be used instead.

Map features


There are 3 provinces with multiple coasts:

Asiana (north and west) (in Anatolia)
Caledonia (east and west) (in Scotland)
Haervej (east and west) (in Denmark)


There is a canal linking PON (Pontus Euxinus - the Black Sea) to BAL (Baltic) through: Pliska-Dniestr-Kyyiv-Dniepr-Livonia. Thus a Fleet can be built in Kyyiv, but it can only move (and support) to Dpr and Dtr.


There are 5 land bridges that connect one land province directly to another.

Dalriada-Dunadd (Scottish Channel)
Dalriada-Alclud (Scottish Channel)
Gades-Tingis (Gibraltar Straight)
Calabria-Catana (Sicily Straight)
Viborg-Skandia (Danish Islands)

Thus any unit in Dal can move to Dun and Alc without convoy.
Of course this creates some "X" boundaries, as a unit can move Dal-Dun while another one moves SCO-SOM. These crossed moves doesn't affect each other.

Province List

NAME, (x=SC, w=Water, l=Land) Abreviation(s) STARTING OWNERSHIP
Aachen,                     x aac
Adrianopla,                 x adr            ROMAN
Alclud,                     x alc
Alpes Cottiae,              l aco
Alpes Maritimae,            l ama
Alpes Penninae,             l ape
Aquileia,                   x aql ven
Aquitania,                  l aqt
Argentoratum,               x arg            ROMAN
Armagh,                     x amg            SCOT
Armorica,                   l amc
Arvernia,                   l arv
Asiana,                     l asi
Asturia,                    l ast
Athenas,                    x ath
Augusta Vindelicorum,       x aug avi        ROMAN
Baltic Sea,                 w bal
Bayern,                     l bay nav
Belgica,                    l bel
Beneventum,                 l ben
Beograd,                    x beo
Biscay Gulf,                w bis bob
Bohmen,                     l boh
Bolgaria,                   l bol
Bracara,                    x bra
Bremen,                     x bre            SAXON
Britania,                   x bri
Burdigala,                  x bur
Bryneich,                   l bry
Caesaraugusta,              x cae            ROMAN
Calabria,                   l clb
Calchfynedd,                l clc
Caledonia,                  l cld
Carthago,                   x car
Carthago Nova,              l cno
Catana,                     x cat
Colonia Agrippina,          x cag            ROMAN
Caucasia,                   l cau
Ceint,                      x cei
The Channel,                w cha
Caer-Colun,                 l col
Connacht,                   l cnn
Constantinopla,             x con            ROMAN
Cornish Sea,                w cor
Dacia,                      l dac
Dalriada,                   l dal
Dewir,                      x dew
Dniepr Flumen,              l dpr
Dniestr Flumen,             l dtr
Dumnonia,                   x dum            BRITON
Dunadd,                     x dun
Caer-Durnac,                l drn
Durocortorum,               l dur
Ebrauc,                     x ebr
Elmet,                      l elm
Epirus,                     l epi
Fretum Herculeum,           w fre
Gades,                      x gad
Genua,                      x gen
Germania Inferior,          l gin
Germania Superior,          l gsu
Gnezen,                     x gne            VANDAL
Granz,                      x gra            VISIGOTH
Gwent,                      l gwe
Caer-Gwinntguic,            x gwi
Gwynedd,                    x gwy            BRITON
Haervej,                    l hae
Helvetia,                   l hel
Hessen,                     l hes
The Horde,                  x hor hun        HUN
Black Huns,                 x bhu bla        HUN
White Huns,                 x whu whi        HUN
Illiria,                    l ill
Irish Sea,                  w iri
Kherson,                    x khe            OSTROGOTH
Kyyiv,                      x kyy            OSTROGOTH
Lausitz,                    l lau
Lindsey,                    x lin
Livonia,                    x liv
Lothian,                    x lot            PICT
Lugdunum,                   x lug
Caer-Lundein,               x lun
Lusitania,                  l lus
Lutetia,                    x lut par
Macedonia,                  l mac
Magdeburg,                  x mag            BURGUND
Mahren,                     l mah
Mainz,                      x mai            FRANK
Mazovia,                    l maz
Mediolanum,                 x med
Meissen,                    x mei
Mare Aegeum,                w mae aeg
Mare Adriaticum,            w mad
Mare Cantabricum,           w mca can
Mare Germanicum,            w mge
Mare Internum,              w min wms wes
Mare Ionium,                w mio ion ios
Mare Lybium,                w mly lyb lse
Mare Tyrrhenum,             w mty tys
Massilia,                   x mas mar
Mauretania,                 l mau
Moesia,                     l moe
Narbonensis,                l nar
Neapolis,                   x nea nap
Noricum,                    l nor
North Sea,                  w nth
Norwegian Sea,              w nwg
Numidia,                    x num
Oceanus Atlanticus,         w oce mid mao
Odessus,                    x ode
Orkney,                     x ork            PICT
Pannonia,                   l pan
Passau,                     x pas            VANDAL
Pliska,                     x pli
Pommern,                    l pom
Pictish Sea,                w pic pse
Pontus Euxinus,             w pon
Porolissensis,              l por
Powys,                      l pow
Pyrineus,                   l pyr
Ravenna,                    x rav
Rhaetia,                    l rha
Rheged,                     x rhe
Ribe,                       x rib            ANGLE
Roma,                       x rom            ROMAN
Sachsen,                    l sac
Saguntum,                   l sag
Schlesien,                  l sch
Skandia,                    l ska
Sea of Mann,                w som
Eastern Slavonia,           l esl
Western Slavonia,           l wsl
Spoletium,                  l spo
Sredets,                    x sre
The Steppes,                l ste tst
Strathclyde,                l str
Scotish Sea,                w sco
Sinus Liguricus,            w sin
Tingitana,                  l tin
Tara,                       x tar            SCOT
Tarentum,                   x trt
Tarracona,                  x trr
Thuringen,                  l thu
Toletum,                    x tlt
Tolosa,                     x tls
Tuscania,                   l tus
Utrecht,                    x utr            SAXON
Vesontio,                   l ves
Viborg,                     x vib            ANGLE
Wlodzimierz,                x wlo            VISIGOTH
Worms,                      x wor            FRANK
Wurzburg,                   x wur            BURGUND

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