Rules For Fewer Than Seven Players

by Allan B. Calhamer

Taken from the pre-1971 Rulebook

With six players, eliminate Turkey and Bulgaria. Players may not move to these spaces. Fleets may move directly from the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea.

With five, eliminate Russia and Rumania as well.

With four, drop Greece and Serbia and the following parts of Austria-Hungary: Budapest and Galicia. Trieste and Vienna are considered neutral supply bases the same as Holland, Belgium, etc.

With three, drop out the rest of Austria-Hungary and Italy and Tunis.

If a player leaves during the game, it is assumed that civil government in his country has collapsed. His units stand in position and defend themselves, but do not support each other. If they have to retreat, they are routed and removed from the board. No new units are raised for this country. If the country has to remove units because it has lost supply centres, the unit farthest from home comes off first, and the fleet before the army.

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