Paranoia (rm85)

by Geraint Morgan and developed by Dylan O'Donnell

At the start of the game, each player is randomly assigned a security clearance level, ranging from Red (lowest) through Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo to Violet (highest). After the Winter builds each year, the power with Violet clearance is summarily terminated for crimes against the Computer; he is however immediately replaced with one of his clones, who enters the game at Red clearance. All other players are promoted one clearance level. So, a player will return to his starting clearance level every seven years.

Each movement phase, every player (except Red) can secretly issue orders for one other power lower than them (interference orders). Orders that are interfered with by a higher-level power will be replaced by the interference orders, unless more than one power is attempting to interfere with the same orders. In this case:

if an even number of interference orders are issued to a power, they each cancel each other out, leaving the original orders to take effect; if an odd number are issued, they cancel each other in pairs, leaving the highest-clearance level interference orders to take effect.

Unsuccessful orders are not revealed publicly; nor is the actual source of the orders that eventually take effect (even to the owner of the power that's being ordered). Retreat and build orders are handled as in Standard.

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