by David Proudfoot

Two of my favourite pass-times are playing Diplomacy by email and reading the Dragonrider of PernŽ series of books. I decided therefore to create a variant based on the map of Pern. The layout is based on the map of Pern with the powers based on the 7 Weyrs. I tried to get the holds as supply centers with the major holds being the home centers for the powers. However I had to take certain liberties in the distribution of some centers and the borders of some powers to try an achieve balanced play.

The Pern Diplomacy variant has a similar structure to the standard game.
There are 7 powers. 6 of the powers start with 3 sc, and the seventh starts with 4 sc.
There are a total of 34 supply centers and so you need 18 sc to win.

The powers are as follow.
NameGenerative NameInitial

Note: The letter for Igen is G since I has been taken by Ista.

Province NameAbbreviationTypeSupplyOpening Placement
Balen ballp Y  
High Reaches Hold hrhl Y HIGH REACHES A
Lewis lewl    
Orgren orgl    
River Bend rbel2 Y HIGH REACHES A
Sattle satl2    
Tillek Hold thol Y HIGH REACHES F
Ice Lake ilal    
High Reaches Weyr hrwl    
Keogh keol Y  
Nabol Hold nabl Y  
Ruatha Hold rual Y FORT A
Western Fort wfol    
Fort Hold fhol Y FORT A
Peyton peyl    
Hold Gar hgal2    
Southern Boll sbol Y FORT F
Telgar tell Y TELGAR A
Crom Hold crol Y TELGAR A
MasterSmith Hall mhal    
Greenfields grfl Y TELGAR F
Far Cry fcrl    
Miners minl    
Telgar Plains tpll    
Campbell's Field cfil    
Dunto dunl Y  
Southern Telgar stel Y  
Lemos Minehold lmil    
Bitras bitl Y BENDEN A
Benden Weyr bwel    
East Coast eacl    
Far Sea fsel    
Lemos Hold leml Y BENDEN A
Fork Hold forl    
Benden Hold benl Y BENDEN F
Plains Hold phol Y  
Moreta's Hold mhol    
High Grounds Hold hghl    
Red Butte rbul    
Keroon River Hold krhl Y  
Bay Head bayl    
Fort Weyr fwel    
Valley Hold vall    
Keroon Hold khol Y IGEN A
Katz Field kfil    
Igen Hold ihol Y IGEN A
Igen Weyr iwel Y  
Big Bay Hold bbhl Y IGEN F
South Coast scol2    
Igen Point ipol Y  
Red Sands rsal Y ISTA F
Gar garl2    
Ista Hold istl Y ISTA F
Half Circle Hold hchl Y  
Greystones grel Y  
Nerat Hold nerl2 Y ISTA A
Nerat Tip ntil    
Cibola cibl    
Dorado dorl    
Delta dell2    
Southern Hold shol Y SOUTHERN F
Macedonia macl Y  
Cathay catl2    
Black Rock River brrlc Y SOUTHERN A
Paradice River pril2    
Honshu honl    
Jordan jorl    
Cove Hold covl Y SOUTHERN F
Two Faced Mountain tfml    
Monaco Bay mbal    
Ierne Island iisl Y SOUTHERN F
High Reaches Sea HRSs    
Tillek Bay TBAs    
North Western Sea WSEs    
South Western Sea SWSs    
North East Big Bay NEBs    
Nabol Bay NBAs    
West Fort Coastal Sea WFCs    
South West Big Bay SWBs    
North West Big Bay NWBs    
Benden Bay BBAs    
Eastern Sea ESEs    
Igen River IRIs    
Keroon Bay KBAs    
Nerat Bay NBYs    
Nerat Deep NDEs    
Ista Bay IBAs    
Igen Bay IGBs    
Jordan Sea JSEs    
Southern Sea SSEs    
Nerat Sea NSEs    
Big Lagoon BLAs    
Southern Bay STBs    
Cathay Bay CBAs    
Sea of Azov SOAs    
Eastern Barrier Range ebrI    

In the type column l means land, s means sea, 2 means that the province has two coasts, c means it is a canal, p means it is a portugal like province and I means impassable.

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