A variant after Deluge by Kyalo Brooks

The setting - the Green-house effect and ozone holes have set off a progressive warming of the planet, vaporising the seas and making the radiation on the higher areas rise to unacceptably high levels. So the seas drain and become land areas, the higher ground becomes progressively more hostile so population centres move to lower ground, while the Sahara moves north.


1. The 1971 Diplomacy Rulebook will be used except where modified below.

2. Due to the greenhouse effect, the following sea areas change to land areas, in the following season (after moves, retreats, but before adjustments).

Season Sea Space changes to Land




S04 MAO, Caspian Sea becomes passable land space



A05 GoB, NAO, NTH, SKA, Ireland becomes passable

S06 BAR, NWG, Iceland becomes passable

If, after one of these changes, a fleet suddenly finds itself on a coastal province, no change results, but if it is stranded inland, and its owner has not specified to the contrary in his/her orders for that season that it not may change, it changes into an army (of the same nationality). If the owner has specified that it won't change, it disbands.

3. Due to the ozone holes, the following supply centres stop being supply centres (after the moves and retreats, but before the adjustments). In exchange, some of the lower lying areas become supply centres to compensate.

Season SC changes to Ordinary Space

A03 Smy, Tun

S04 Gre, Nap

A04 Ank, Con, TYS

S05 Por, Mar, Rom

A05 Apu, Bul, Spa

S06 AEG, Alb, Ser

A07 BLA, Cas

S08 GoL, Rum, Ven

A08 ADS, Sev, Tri

S09 Bud, Gal, Tus, Ukr, Vie

A09 Gas, Mos, Pie, Tri, War

S10 Boh, MAO, Mun, Sil, StP, Tyr

A10 Bur, Ber, Bre, Fin, Lvn, Par, Pic

S11 Bel, Den, ENG, Kie, Hol, Nwy, Swe

A11 All the rest except Ice

Season Ordinary Space changes to SC


S04 Alb, Apu

A04 BLA, Cas, GoL

S05 MAO, GoL, Tus

A05 ADS, Gal, Gas

S06 Ukr, Tri, Boh

A07 Sil, Lvn

S08 Pic, Bur, Pie


S09 Fin, Ice

4. Players are not restricted to building in home centres - they are all owed to build in any unoccupied centre they own.

5. Due to the advance of the Sahara, the following provinces become impassable (after the moves and retreats, but before adjustments). Any units in an area that becomes impassable are disbanded.

Season Spaces Become Impassable

A04 NAf, Tun, ION, EMS, Syr

A05 WMS, TYS, Nap, AEG, Gre, Amy, Arm

A06 Rom, Nap, Apu, Con, Ank

A07 Alb, Bul, Cas, Spa, Por, Ser

A08 Rum, BLA, GoL, Rum, Ven

A09 ADS, Tus, Sev, Bud, Tri, Ukr, Mar.

A10 Pie, MAO, Mos, Vie, Gas, Pie.

6. From 1905 onwards, Spring will be known as "Early Summer", Autumn known as "late Summer" and Winter will become "Between Summers".

7. The winner, if any, is the player with the final unit sitting in Iceland after Between Summers 1911.

First published in The Icarus Flight Manual No.9

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