Sail Ho! II

by Tarzan

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There are 4 powers in the Sail Ho! variant. Each power has 2 Home Supply Centers (SCs). The Map contains a total of 16 SCs; half of these SCs are Home SCs and half are "neutral" SCs. Victory is achieved when 9 SCs are controlled by a single power. The tricky part of Sail Ho! is that half of the total number of SCs are located on islands! Thus, there is an incentive for players to make ample use of the "convoy" order.

There are a total of 60 Provinces (43 Land Provinces and 17 Water Provinces). 11 of the Land Provinces are located on islands.

The 3 islands are named: the Isle of Women (Les, Hes, Ves); Cyprus (Aph, Psy, Cup); Dissentos (Nes, Are, Hin, Ser, Str)

Two of the Land Provinces have "split coasts": Village of Psyche (Psy) - East and West coasts; Shrine to Hestia (Hes) - North and South coasts

There are 16 Supply Centers (SCs). Half of the SCs are located on islands. 9 SCs are required for a solo victory.

There are 4 Powers, each with 2 Home SCs. Each Power starts with 2 units (one in each of his Home SCs).


There are 4 Powers, each with 2 Home SCs. Each Power starts with 2 units (one in each of his Home SCs), as follows:

North Army Hercules' Respite (Her) Army Village of Aeolus (Aeo)
South Army Depths of Hades (Had) Fleet Xena's Rest (Xen)
East Army Centaur Forest (Cen) Fleet Amazon Village (Ama)
West Fleet Isle of Lesbos (Les) Fleet Convent of the Vestal Virgins (Ves)

Map Provinces

Abbreviation Map Space Name Description
Aeo Village of Aeolus Land North's Home SC
Alc Alcmene's Village Land  
Ama Amazon Village Land East's Home SC
Aph Aphrodite's Beach Land Neutral SC
Are Palace of Ares Land Neutral SC
Arg Argo's Pasture Land  
Aut Autolycus' Hideout Land  
Cal Callisto's Stronghold Land  
Cec Cecrops' Channel Water  
Cen Centaur Forest Land East's Home SC
Cha Charon's Crossing Land  
Chi Chiron's Cave Land  
Cup Cupid's Cloud Land Neutral SC
Dei Deianeira's Grave Land  
Eas Eastern Ocean Water  
Ech Echo's Glade Land  
Ely Elysian Fields Land  
Fir Sea of Fire Water  
Fie Field of the Golden Fleece Land  
Fur Realm of the 3 Furies Land  
Gab Gabrielle's Village Land  
Gli Glittering Gulf Water  
GoC Gulf of Chains Water  
Had Depths of Hades Land South's Home SC
Her Hercules' Respite Land North's Home SC
Hes Shrine to Hestia Land North and South Coasts
Hin Forest of the Golden Hind Land  
Hip Hippolyta's Girdle Land  
Jas Jason's Kingdom Land  
Jox Joxter's Retreat Land  
Lbs Lesbian Sea Water  
Les Isle of Lesbos Land West's Home SC
Lov Lover's Lane Water  
Mid Realm of King Midas Land  
Min Minotaur's Labyrinth Land  
Mor Morpheus' Palace Land Neutral SC
Nar Narcissus' Reflection Water  
Nes Nestor's Kingdom Land Neutral SC
Oly Mount Olympus Land  
Pea Ocean of Peace Water  
Per Persephone's Garden Land  
Pos Poseidon's Curse Water  
Pro Prometheus' Cliff Land Neutral SC
Psy Village of Psyche Land East and West Coasts
Sal Salmonius' Scheme Land  
Sch Scholars Channel Water  
Ser Serina's Village Land  
Sis Sisyphus' Hill Land  
SoA Sea of Arrows Water  
SoD Sea of Dreams Water  
SoT Sea of Tears Water  
Sou South Sea Water  
SoW Sea of Waves Water  
Str Strife's Cave Land Neutral SC
Tan Tantalus' Pool Land  
Tar Tartarus Land Neutral SC
Ves Convent of the Vestal Virgins Land West's Home SC
Wes Western Ocean Water  
Xen Xena's Rest Land South's Home SC
Zeu Temple of Zeus Land  

Background & Origins of Map Province Names


The names of many of the map provinces in Sail Ho! are taken from mythology. Sometimes they are related to stories of Hercules and Xena and relate to episodes depicted in their television series. The following descriptions are offered as background for some of the map space names.

friend and partner of Hercules
a mortal woman; mother of Hercules; she later married Jason
a race of women warriors who live in the forest and do not like men; they are at war with the Centaurs
Goddess of Love and Beauty; born of the sea-foam; daughter of Zeus; half-sister of Hercules; mother of Cupid; jealous of Psyche's beauty; likes to Surf, a real "California girl"
god of War; son of Zeus; jealous of his father's favortism for his half-brother, Hercules; lover of Aphrodite and father of Cupid; attracted to Xena
Xena's horse (also the name of Jason's ship)
"King of Thieves" (by his own account), friend of Xena and Hercules
arch enemy of Xena, her village was stormed by Xena when she was a young girl at which time her parents were murdered
punished by Poseiden and forced to sail the seas capturing souls, who may never leave his ship
a race of half-men (from the waist up) and half-horses (from the waist down); generally savage; at war with the Amazons
the ferryman who transports souls into the kingdom of Hades
a famous Centaur known for his virtue and wisdom; a mentor of Hercules
god of love, son of Aphrodite and Ares, in love with Psyche
the island Aphrodite stepped ashore at when she arose from the sea-foam
Hercule's wife; killed by Hera with their children
a nymph who loved Narcissus; she was punished by Hera, who turned her speech into a repetition of what others said (i.e. echos)
3 terror-inspiring creatures that attend Persephone in Hades
Xena's friend and partner
Golden Fleece
the skin of a magical ram; although the fleece was under the care of a sleepless dragon, Jason and his Argonauts sucessfully acquired this treasure
Golden Hind
a half-woman half-horse entity; she is the last of her "kind"; rumor has it that her blood can kill a god
Lord of the Underworld; brother of Zeus
Queen of the Gods and jealous (with good cause) wife of Zeus; she is quite vindictive and hates Hercules
a "do-gooder"; half-man half-god with enormous strength; son of Zeus
minor goddess of the hearth, family and peace; sister of Zeus
Queen of the Amazons; she possesses a girdle of wonderful beauty given to her by Ares
a king who married Hercules mother; finder of the Golden Fleece
also called "Joxter the Mighty" (by himself); brave and stupid, but loveable; friends with Xena and Gabrielle; somewhat unskilled at fighting
a giant maze to hide the Minotaur
a "mysterious" isle where only women live
a wealthy king who loved gold more than anything; he was granted the power that everything he touched turned into gold (including his daughter!); this turned out to be his curse as well
half-man (from the waist down) and half-bull (from the waist up); he lives within the Labyrinth
guardian of dreams, both prophetic and deceptive
a young man possessing incredible beauty; he was loved by many, yet spurned them all (including Echo); he loved only himself
a prince who hates Hercules and wants to kill him using the blood of the Golden Hind
Mountain where the gods reside
Queen of the Underworld; daughter of Zeus; she was abducted by Hades and as a result must spend half her time with him in the Underworld
Lord of the Sea; brother of Zeus
punished by the gods for giving fire to mankind; chained to a rock where vultures pick at his body; each body part grows back for the torture to repeat itself infinitely
a very beautiful girl in love with Cupid
a cowardly, money-hungry, but loveable fellow; friends with Hercules and Aeolus
the human (female) form taken by the Golden Hind; a love of Hercules
known for his cleverness and knavery, he lived by thieving; he was punished in the underworld where he was forced to roll a huge boulder up a hill; when the boulder reached the top it would roll back down again and the punishment would begin again
nephew of Ares; a minor god with minor powers; generally causes trouble
a son of Zeus; punished by the gods for various offenses; he was placed in a pool where food and drink were just beyond his grasp
Vestal Virgins
beautiful virgin women who tend the sacred fire of Hestia; much desired and sought after
the "Warrior Princess"; a former warlord; now turned "do-gooder"
King of the Gods and husband of Hera; he is the father of Hercules, Aprodite, Ares and others; he has numberous affairs with both goddesses and mortals

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