Shifting Diplomacy (rc05)

Author Unknown

1.)  Normal Diplomacy Rules apply until changed by the procedure described below.

2.)  In each spring move of each year, each player has the right to propose either a) A new rule, b) Change in an old rule, c) Abolition of an old rule, d) A change in the existing board, & e) An addition to the existing board.  This right exists to all players, whether eliminated or not.  Proposed rules are printed as press if a postal game.

3.)  In the fall move of each year, each player has the right to vote for a rule in any of the following ways....a) Yes, b) No, & c) Abstain.  Should a player not send in any vote at all, it will mean abstain for that rule.  Should the number of Yes votes exceed the number of No votes the Rule is passed and is effective all seasons following that fall move.  (Note that Yes votes need not be a majority of voters, they merely have to exceed the No votes in number to have the Rule passed.)

4.)  No new rule will abolish the rules described here or change them in any way.  (eg, You can't proposed the rule:  Rules of Shifting Diplomacy do not apply in this game.)

5.)  The GM has the power to Vote any rule passed in the fall season of that year if he thinks the rule exceptionally unfair to players (eg, The Rule:  England wins this game next season....)

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