Telepath Diplomacy (rb42)

by Steve Doubleday & Richard Walkerdine

0. Except where stated different below, the normal rules of Diplomacy will apply.

1. Each player, while he still is represented by a unit in play on the board, will have the power to affect one unit of one country on any one turn.

2. This move, called the Ban, will reduce the power of an active move by one, or reduce the defensive power of a static unit by one, provided that, in the case of the active move, it has been correctly forecast.

3. Bans may not take place or have affect during Winter seasons (builds) or during retreats, (a unit banned from moving to a province may retreat there).

4. When submitted orders, players also submit an order set out so: BAN FRE F(Bre)-ENC

This reduces the power of that unit's move by one.  If it was unsupported (i.e. moving with the power of one unit) that move would not take place.  This is true for all active pieces:  if they are reduced to zero movement, then they do not move.

5. When a unit is successfully Banned from moving, it still retains its defensive power.  (As in the case quoted in rule 4, the FRE F(Bre) remains in Brest, but an attack on Brest - as ENG F(ENC)-Bre will fail, because it retains its defensive power.)

6. Where a player bans a passive unit (one that is convoying, supporting, standing or unordered) it has its defensive power reduced by one.  If it is unsupported, then any unit moving to the province where the standing unit is will displace that unit.  The order is made thus: BAN FRE F(Bre)

7. Supports may not be banned, but as more than one ban may be made against an active unit by two or more players, this makes no significant difference to the game, simplifying the range of order.

8. The banning of a passive unit does not otherwise interfere with its activities.  This means that a unit which is supporting another unit will continue to do so unless attacked by another unit - this also applies to convoying fleets - which forces a convoying unit to retreat.  A supporting unit's support is always broken by being attacked... just as specified in the standard rulebook.

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