Tin Cup Diplomacy (rm93)

by Manus Hand and John Woolley

Payola Diplomacy is combined with the Blind variant by making the following four changes or additions to the rules above. This variant is called Tin Cup Diplomacy because it is blind with money, much like a street-corner pencil salesman.


Rule 1.1
The usual rules of the Blind variant apply and govern which portions of the board each player can "see" in the results of a game phase delivered to that player.
Rule 3.1, item 5
If a player offers a bribe to a non-existent unit (which would be forbidden by this point of the rule), the GameMaster will not report this fact to that player (nor to any other player). All such bribes are simply ignored, but may be revealed by the GameMaster at the conclusion of the game.
Rule 3.1, item 6
Likewise, if a power offers a bribe that mentions any unit that does not exist (which would be forbidden by this point of the rule -- for example, an offer to an existing unit to support a unit that does not exist), this offer will be similarly ignored.
Rule 5.7, item 3
In the informational message delivered by the GameMaster before adjudication of each movement phase, players are only told the specific amount of that player's money that was paid to each unit, and the nationality of each such unit, but are not told the order that the unit will issue in return for this compensation.

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