Totally Random Diplomacy (rc07)

by Paul Bennett

1) At the beginning of the game the 1971 Rule Book and Map are used.

2) Prior to the GAMESTART (with their preference lists) and with each subsequent set of Autumn orders (and winter builds) each player may propose a change to the rules.  These Rule changes are voted for in the Spring orders, the results are announced with the Spring adjudication and any successful proposals take effect from the following Spring, remaining effective for the rest of the game unless part or all should be superseded by further changes.

3) Rules are changed by player vote.  Any player with pieces on the board may vote and any proposal is passed if it received MORE votes than any other proposal (ie. the proposal with the most votes is the PASSED proposal), and as long as the number of votes FOR exceed the number of abstentions, which count as votes for NONE of the proposals.  NMRs do not count.

A rule change will pass if there were 3 FOR, 2 AGAINST and 2 ABSTENTIONS, however would not pass if there were 3 FOR, 1 AGAINST and 3 ABSTENTIONS, or 3 FOR and 2 EACH for TWO OTHER PROPOSALS.

4) Rule Changes MUST NOT:

a) change the method of voting nor the number of players.
b) name or imply any particular space on the board unless to define, name and include any existing but unused space.
c) cause the game to depart from any recognizable Diplomacy Variant.
d) make the duties of the GM impossible or impractable, in his opinion, to carry out.

5) Rule Changes MAY:

a) include or compromise the rules of any existing 7-player variant which initially uses the standard map.
b) change any or all of the rules in force at that time.
c) include any change not specifically precluded in (4) above.

6) Rule Changes must:

a) be clearly and unambiguously set out.
b) be made known in full of the GM.  This may mean the proposer furnishing the GM with a previously published set of rules.

7) The GM will disallow any proposal not complying with (3) above, and may, at his discretion, disallow any proposal not complying with (4) above.

8) The identity of the proposer of rule changes will NOT be revealed by the GM.

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