by Clay Snyder

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This is an eight player variant, based on a slightly modified Standard map.

The starting positions are :

A-Austria                     E-England                    
A Budapest                  F Edinburgh                  
A Vienna                      F Liverpool                  
F Trieste                      F London                     
F-France                      G-Germany                    
A Marseilles                  A Berlin                     
A Paris                          A Munich                     
F Brest                         F Kiel                       
I-Italy                           R-Russia                     
A Rome                       A Moscow                     
A Venice                      A Warsaw                     
F Naples                      F Sevastopol                 
S-Scandinavia               T-Turkey                     
A St Petersburg             A Constantinople             
F Norway                      A Smyrna                     
F Sweden                      F Ankara                     
There are 38 supply centres, so you need 20 to win

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