War of Europe Diplomacy


All normal rules of Diplomacy and House rules apply unless amended below.

1. On commencing the game there are no units on the board. The first season is winter 1900. Players, having had a chance to diplome, order their builds and the only restriction is that Russia may not build F(StP) in this season.

2. Each neutral supply center will also be garrisoned. With their opening builds each player may order three builds for any neutrals. The most popular build will be actioned. If there is no singular popular build, an army will be built.

3. Every season each player (in addition to normal orders) may make three orders for any of the neutral units. The most popular order will be actioned. If there is no singular popular order, the unit will stand.

4. The same order may be used more than once by a player each season if desired; increasing the chances of it succeeding.

5. A player can always order neutrals as long as he has units on the board (exception: opening builds).

6. Neutral units when forced to retreat will be disbanded.

7. In the unlikely event of a neutral unit gaining a build, a second unit different from the first will be built. If land-locked, a second army will be built. Players need not order these build as this will be done by the GM.

8. The popularity of neutral units' builds/moves will be shown, but not the source of the orders.

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